3.4.2, Moral and Material Means.

The part of me that wants to keep things clear in the practical earthly realm wants to restrict talk to talk about earthly things. This would involve restricting talk to that which takes up space, has size, etc. But, here at Puritanical Libertarianism, we take ourselves to be interested (or at least we represent ourselves) […]

On capital goods and virtue

In economics a capital good is to be distinguished from a consumer good by the role a capital good plays in the production of a consumer good. Fair enough. We have the classic distinction between means and ends, and it is one of those fundamental distinctions without which naught in thought (thought always requires distinction–subject/object, […]

The Puritanical Libertarian

Why all the vacillation, here at Puritanical Libertarianism, between the moral–talk of virtue, righteousness, purity (cleanliness), and the economic–trade, profit, loss, wealth? Because, the Puritanical Libertarian asserts the unity of reality and thinks he sees the same in the two spheres. It does not mean that he thinks the two spheres of equal weight. The […]

1.4: Expectations about production process

We will begin with the production process of anything and move into the production process of beautiful soul-art specifically. Production requires material (material cause). The material is not feeling as much as that which is the source of the shape of feeling. This is character. Production requires a producer (efficient cause). The efficient cause of […]

1.3: Ideal Models for production guidance

Check prior posts “1.2” and “1.1” for the initial trajectory of what is being worked on here. We are interested in soul-art, the development of character, and today after asking “What is character (1.2)” we ask “What model do we look to for production? (1.3)” Plato is my inspiration for this question and the demand […]

A series. POST 1.1: Aristotle, becoming, and soul-art

(Coming every couple days are additional posts answering questions related. A time-line found at the bottom of this post. More soon…Today? An invitation to adventure… Forego the words of the chemical pushers and the flashy screen images as much as you can. Listen to the ancients (pre-pharmacy and pre-internet). There is perennial insight. It is […]

On production and virtue

Production is everything for the following conditions: incomplete, imperfect, needy, wanting, dissatisfied. There are of course interesting questions about just what needs production but that something does is necessary for those in any of the above categories. It is typical to find individuals bickering and arguing over earthly goods. We Puritanical Libertarians think the spaces […]

A note on Kierkegaard and Plotinus through Hadot

Pierre Hadot is worth a read on Ancient Philosophy. His meta-thesis is that for the ancients (Greece and Rome) philosophy was the combination of a choice of life and a discourse. This makes ancient philosophy different from contemporary philosophy which has let go of form of life requirements and continued merely as discourse. He examines […]

Happiness and the relation to internals and externals

I mean to reflect on happiness for the human being which means a bodily being and not a disembodied spirit (angelic being). On the assumption that the human being is the creature in the middle, part soul and part body, internals and externals must be considered for the production of happiness in this earthly life. […]