3.8.2, Indeterminateness of Time

That which is presupposed by action is hard to get at when conceived in its generality which has to be the case in order to conceive it apriori. To meditate on ends or means without meditating on anything in particular in either category is simply to meditate on the necessary structured pregnancy of the concept […]

3.8.1, Time and Action

Action is so pregnant. I write, think, sit, reflect, way, type, scan, focus, marshall, ignore, embrace. I act. Action is not possible to understand without ends, means, values, preferences, choice. Now we add time. Action is always in time. As usual I make an effort to avoid metaphysics (Presentism vs. Eternalism about time) and focus […]

The elements of production whether moral or material

The producer needs an end. The end should be an addition to the good and not a detraction. The producer needs a means to the end. This takes shape as policy, strategy, steps, rules for action. The producer needs suitable material. This is stuff, and this is tools. The producer needs freedom to move and […]