Living with the Irrational

Such a post can go in several directions. First, if I join Socrates, Jesus, Lao Tzu, Buddha, then I find that striving for production in the spiritual sphere leads to an employment of the irrational and paradoxical to shock and stimulate the embodied spirit through challenging the development of the (potentially) rational animal. Buddha says […]

Homesteading and ownership

There is only one way to understand the initiation of ownership and private property. Their are conditions That which is homesteaded must be, just prior, unowned. Nothing which is already owned may be homesteaded. That which is homesteaded must be put to use. This is meant to prevent ownership be declaration. “I hereby own all […]

Some Rules of Puritanical Libertarianism (PL)

PL says no to initiated aggression (it is important to distinguish between initiated aggression and aggression that is a response to aggression. The implications are many. A few related to contemporary time and space. Implications? No taxation. This would not remove the need to spend on services such as security or dispute arbitration. It would […]

Contemporary Absurdities

Taxation and redistribution of other people’s stuff. Regulation of voluntary choice in contract, what must or must not be spoken, written or otherwise produced. Fiat money and fractional banking. These are absurdities. What supports and protects practical absurdities (speculative/theoretical absurdities cannot be supported)? An analogy in suicide. It is possible practically to choose self-destruction. But […]