Socrates and the rule of liberty

In one of my favorite Platonic dialogues, The Crito, Socrates is represented at the end of his life, in prison, awaiting execution. It is quite a setting. Crito, loyal follower (loyal in affection but not loyal if loyalty is best for wisdom), arrives to visit with Socrates and persuade him to break the law by […]

1.3: Ideal Models for production guidance

Check prior posts “1.2” and “1.1” for the initial trajectory of what is being worked on here. We are interested in soul-art, the development of character, and today after asking “What is character (1.2)” we ask “What model do we look to for production? (1.3)” Plato is my inspiration for this question and the demand […]

The Great Allure of Philosophy

I do not mean to wax longingly on being near the academically named departments with relatively well-payed careerists or to drown in their career driven publications. There is nothing wrong with career production. But there is nothing necessarily good there either. But, when I spend time with Plato’s character–Socrates. How I long! The more I […]