Socrates and the rule of liberty

In one of my favorite Platonic dialogues, The Crito, Socrates is represented at the end of his life, in prison, awaiting execution. It is quite a setting. Crito, loyal follower (loyal in affection but not loyal if loyalty is best for wisdom), arrives to visit with Socrates and persuade him to break the law by […]

What is presupposed by argument

I take what I am saying (as best as I can) from Hans Herman Hoppe’s The Economics and Ethics of Private Property. The ethical point he wishes to make is that private property is presupposed by argumentation. Otherwise said, argument presupposes the private property ethic, and without it, argumentation is done. That two are arguing […]

The apriori and what is NOT up for debate

It frightens the modern (and more so the post-modern) to be confronted with the apriori. For he named has been reared in a time when things were so good that people began to talk as if inquiry were endless and open and almost anything up for debate. And indeed, there is much that is right […]