3.4.2, Moral and Material Means.

The part of me that wants to keep things clear in the practical earthly realm wants to restrict talk to talk about earthly things. This would involve restricting talk to that which takes up space, has size, etc. But, here at Puritanical Libertarianism, we take ourselves to be interested (or at least we represent ourselves) […]

The Puritanical Libertarian

Why all the vacillation, here at Puritanical Libertarianism, between the moral–talk of virtue, righteousness, purity (cleanliness), and the economic–trade, profit, loss, wealth? Because, the Puritanical Libertarian asserts the unity of reality and thinks he sees the same in the two spheres. It does not mean that he thinks the two spheres of equal weight. The […]

Spencer on democracy and moral development

From Social Statics: “Political freedom, therefore, is, as we say, an external result of an internal sentiment-is alike, in origin, practicability, and permanence, dependent on the moral sense, and it is only when this is supreme in its influence that so high a form of social organization as a democracy can be maintained.” First, Spencer […]

The elements of production whether moral or material

The producer needs an end. The end should be an addition to the good and not a detraction. The producer needs a means to the end. This takes shape as policy, strategy, steps, rules for action. The producer needs suitable material. This is stuff, and this is tools. The producer needs freedom to move and […]