On the ultimate temptation to monopoly of currency

The territorial monopoly on decision making (from here on state) lives parasitically off of the production of those citizens it can keep. As productive citizens seek to escape the parasitism the state seeks expansion. It inevitably runs into other competing states. Taxation and regulation have this naturally repellent force. It is happening right now under […]

On forced production and forced sale.

Imagine a firm that demanded from you a percentage of your income with threat that both that same percentage plus extra would be extracted in the form of fines or jail time if you failed to go along with the first. Imagine you asked what the reason was for this act of aggression and you […]

On tolerance for monopoly

It is one of the mysteries that those who rail against monopolies call on a monopoly for defense against monopoly and rarely if ever acknowledge the impossibility of their railing. From when we are wee little lads we are trained, indoctrinated to be wary of the robber baron, the capitalist, the entrepreneur, the business man. […]

On Voluntary Outlawery

Herbert Spencer’s Social Static is one of the earliest (1851!) and clearest non-consequentialist arguments in favor of the abolition of aggression (including that by the state)and thus the protection of liberty. The argument for the principle of equal liberty is worth consideration, but I will save it. For now I want to entice the seeker […]