3.1.2, On the hatred of the apriori

For a time, following Plato’s repetitious holding out of the possibility of all knowledge of every lower form flowing from knowledge of the higher forms men kept the hope of integrated systemic derivation of real world knowledge alive. Plato kept pointing at geometry as an ideal form of the organization of knowledge of the forms […]

Life, change, imperfection

There is nothing else to speak of. Speaking comes in time and is only possible through changing sounds that embody thoughts. There is no though that we know of that is a singularity. The basic thought requires a determinations of an object which requires the differentiation between determined and determination. Note that a determiner (actor) […]

On The ineffable, depth, proof.

There is always a running analogy between the material and moral. You see this in the sage Jesus’ teaching. He constantly speaks about seeds, weeds, managers, servants, wine, bread, birth. But what he is trying to convey, to deliver via the material spoken about, is what he calls the kingdom of the god. The kingdom […]