3.4.4, On Anarcho-Capitalism and rules for the use of material means.

We are moving toward the end of our analysis of the means. There is a sense in which the means are everything. But, they are only means relative to ends. And ends are only ends relative to values. Enough. We looked to Kant (3.4.3) for prescription for the use of means. He fundamentally prescribes not […]

On virtue signaling and meaningful disagreement

Virtue signaling versus healthy disagreement. The human animal is social by nature (and so, by definition). It has very deep drives to score the security of protection from want and harsh elements through the securing of acceptance in the social club. Social club status is ultimately worked out in action. That is, there is no […]

The apriori and what is NOT up for debate

It frightens the modern (and more so the post-modern) to be confronted with the apriori. For he named has been reared in a time when things were so good that people began to talk as if inquiry were endless and open and almost anything up for debate. And indeed, there is much that is right […]