On the alone-time test for moral status

First, I do not recommend testing too often. There are a couple of reasons. The value of the stock being tested (character development) is analogous to the stock in the stock market. Daily fluctuations may or may not be a good indication of value. One can end up with a false positive or a false […]

A series. POST 1.1: Aristotle, becoming, and soul-art

(Coming every couple days are additional posts answering questions related. A time-line found at the bottom of this post. More soon…Today? An invitation to adventure… Forego the words of the chemical pushers and the flashy screen images as much as you can. Listen to the ancients (pre-pharmacy and pre-internet). There is perennial insight. It is […]

On progress

It is an interesting question as to what those who want progress think its possibility lies in, what its conditions are. Stated briefly, the economic crisis of 1920-21 was overcome with much greater speed than the economic crisis of 1929. What was the difference? The role of government. The speediest way through economic crisis is […]