3.2.1 On Presuppositional Status and Incompleteness

What I take to be that which is always a part of action, always to be understood in action, always present whenever action is present, is that which is presupposed by the very idea, that which cannot be avoided when thinking about action itself. To start with action is to start at a place and […]

3.1.3, On the love of the empirical

We live in a time in which we might say in some ways the spirit of the empirical rules. And I would want to be first in line to offer my gratitude for everything human observation and the use of the senses has brought us. But, and there is almost always a but, except with […]

3.1.2, On the hatred of the apriori

For a time, following Plato’s repetitious holding out of the possibility of all knowledge of every lower form flowing from knowledge of the higher forms men kept the hope of integrated systemic derivation of real world knowledge alive. Plato kept pointing at geometry as an ideal form of the organization of knowledge of the forms […]

3.1.1, On the good news of the apriori of action

This minor and daily string of words is embarking on a course for a time. Today a beginning. A beginning? From where? And this is a part of the good news–that there is a beginning. That there is a place from whence and to which. How bold it feels to express the notion of foundation, […]

The apriori and what is NOT up for debate

It frightens the modern (and more so the post-modern) to be confronted with the apriori. For he named has been reared in a time when things were so good that people began to talk as if inquiry were endless and open and almost anything up for debate. And indeed, there is much that is right […]