Living with the Irrational

Such a post can go in several directions. First, if I join Socrates, Jesus, Lao Tzu, Buddha, then I find that striving for production in the spiritual sphere leads to an employment of the irrational and paradoxical to shock and stimulate the embodied spirit through challenging the development of the (potentially) rational animal. Buddha says [...]

On why Epistemological Rationalism wins

In my last post I tried to separate the psychological source question about knowledge from the justification question. Empiricists win the former, but since it is not the really important question the win is not a big deal. Rationalists win the justification question but not until it is formulated a bit more specifically. The traditional [...]

Epistemological Musings: avoiding psychological traps

In the history of epistemology one finds battles fought over two different considerations, and sometimes which consideration is being fought over is itself confused. The all important epistemological question is a question about justification. What is the inferential relation between some propositional content (a conclusion) and some others (premises). Such justificatory relations between propositional content [...]

On the alone-time test for moral status

First, I do not recommend testing too often. There are a couple of reasons. The value of the stock being tested (character development) is analogous to the stock in the stock market. Daily fluctuations may or may not be a good indication of value. One can end up with a false positive or a false [...]

On Prayer Without Ceasing

Prayer is misunderstood. It is best approached from a perspective that includes the importance of doing it without ceasing. The recommendation to do it without ceasing complicates, enriches and challenges the individual about the nature of prayer and how it is done. Too often prayer is conceived of as a flow of words consciously asserted [...]

On Victimhood Status, Manipulation, and Motivation

The victim has been maltreated, inadequately responded to. Bearing the title of victim implies the need or demand for reparation, making adequate. So, the victim, implicitly, is one with need and demand. Need is demand. Demand can only ever be met with by supply. Supply always has cost. Thus, the victim is the one, implicitly, [...]

On the ultimate temptation to monopoly of currency

The territorial monopoly on decision making (from here on state) lives parasitically off of the production of those citizens it can keep. As productive citizens seek to escape the parasitism the state seeks expansion. It inevitably runs into other competing states. Taxation and regulation have this naturally repellent force. It is happening right now under [...]

Hoppe on the relative value of monarchy and democracy

The monarchical state is such that the ruler is a property owner. So, he is motivated by the preservation of the property such that it will be valuable as inheritance to his progeny. Not so the democratic state. The democratic state is such that the rule is but a renter who will be evicted in [...]