The voice crying out in the wilderness…Prepare the way…

The image so saturated with feeling. The wilderness, so sparse, so bland, so lacking in that which supports life, so hot (or cold), so dry, so inhospitable. Where does the voice come from? How does one prepare anything in a wilderness? The wilderness is the condition of the soul when it has found this world [...]

“Mining is bad for the environment”

Says the "concerned" on internet chat via copper wire, on a computer made possible by rare earth minerals and other metals, via energy produced with coal, gas or the cleanest and most hated uranium. The "concerned" is able to have this internet chat because of free time made possible because of a highly organized society [...]

The internal contradiction of the state

Taken from Rothbard, The Ethics of Liberty, and he relied upon Bartlett, "Fuller, Law, and Anarchism". My poetic commentary on self-contradiction interspersed. The state is self-contradictory. It cannot, and I mean cannot, survive and abide by its own rules. In that sense it rejects itself. It is hypocritical. It does not let its 'yes' be [...]

Are government agents somehow different?

The argument that government is "necessary" stems from a presupposition that there is something special or different about agents of the government. If there is not something different, then there is no reason to expect better outcomes from those people (government agents) than from these (private citizens). The defender of government will appeal to monsters [...]

Living with the Irrational

Such a post can go in several directions. First, if I join Socrates, Jesus, Lao Tzu, Buddha, then I find that striving for production in the spiritual sphere leads to an employment of the irrational and paradoxical to shock and stimulate the embodied spirit through challenging the development of the (potentially) rational animal. Buddha says [...]