About Puritanical Libertarianism

We, as Puritanical Libertarians, first aim to be members of the Church of Good Will. There are criteria. We cannot be secure of our membership. The divine chooses, and we leave it to the divine. We think it best to work toward worthiness to be chosen as members. It is the purity in our name which references that which we aspire toward. Again, we do not claim membership. Nor do you know, dear reader, whether we tell the truth or lie about our aim. It is merely a label. The reality is much harder to perceive. But we think it worth representing ourselves as, in our best moments, concerned with it and it alone. Only the divine can judge to what degree we are worthy of membership.

Second, we aim at earthly rule by the principle of non-aggression. We think virtue (a part of purity) can only be produced, in its fullest perfection, through liberty. There is no forcing it. In addition, we think all forms of aggression or threats of aggression in the form of assault or theft or fraud to be in principle wrong. This would include government currency debasement (fraud) and taxation (theft) and restrictions on voluntarily chosen production and trade. It cheers us greatly that we cannot be robbed of the purity and virtue we produce. But we think it best to work toward earthly community grounded in the same: property rights, free production and trade. To the degree that earthly prosperity matters it dampens our cheer that aggression is still so common and accepted.

Thus, we find ourselves in a tension of dual concern for moral and material goods and their production. But, given that both are united by the necessity of property rights and productive work, we think both are worth attending to. It is our aim to carry on discourse, with ourselves or whosoever would join, that inspires and challenges toward non-aggressive production in the moral and material realm. We think this the way, and we seek others who would walk this way also and help us clarify what the direction of this way is.

So, stay awhile. Look around. If you get a whiff of discourse you would like to include in your own please subscribe (follow). Welcome.

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