On Taking Advice and Help

No advice should be offered to he who wants to pass off responsibility for the acceptance of advice. He is not looking for advice but for blame.

No help should be accepted from he who offers, without the helped taking responsibility for the judgment that it is help. Then, if that which was judged help causes distraction, or satisfies and eases otherwise necessary labor, or restructures the helped’s value-scale so as to problematically alter the allocation of scarce resources that the helped has, the helped will accept responsibility for the acceptance of the help which has caused the problems.

Treacherous are the waters of human interaction. Full of seeming and appearance. The only human this puritanical libertarian has found who he can trust to fully disclose his motives and his goals is the human who is so tied to him such that he is unable to alienate himself from him–himself. All others, all others, are suspect.

The last judgment feels harsh. Feelings are suspect. As suspect is intended here (or so says the writer), there are minimally two ways to treat the suspected person: first are all those with whom the puritanical libertarian is in league (he takes responsibility for his choices). They are deserving of generosity, patience, charity. Generosity, patience, charity allow for time necessary for the smoke-and-mirrors to fade, for time to do its work of exposure, for reality to manifest. In this setting there is nothing deeply anxiety producing about the category of suspect. And were we in a sweet, familial and domestic mood we would linger over peace and tranquility of the small part of life that may be lived rightfully in generosity, patience and charity. But, for the second type.

The second type includes all snake-oil salesman who parrot their wares as men have done for millenia, their apocalyptic prophecies, their salves and medicaments, their plans for salvation. They are legion. The prophets of doom, the takers-away-of-pain. He who approaches with either, and it is either, claims about doom in the future or salvific cleansing. How is profit soars. The puritanical libertarian does not intend to be his supporter.

He goes by the name of doctor, scientist, preacher, public servant, teacher, CEO, expert, coach. These are but names. Is he what he seems? These are but plaques on the wall. Idols. They are but claims that must be supported. That I am hurting is no evidence that you can help. And I reserve to you the right to offer me addiction and make profit from my choice. I reserve to you the right to forecast floods and fires and hurricanes and the judgment of the goddess earth upon the evil of the human plague or however you portray it. I reserve to you the right to say all will be well if such and such is thought or said. Many indeed have been pacified by the hope that head-sayings will be magical. It is to me to investigate. That is my responsibility.

The only one that I can trust with fullness to be straight-up is the one I can see straight through. All others are suspect.

The good news is that as the snake-oil-prophet-profiteer becomes more desperate and his methods fail, he turns more and more often to the coercive government means to achieve his ends. He drops the effort at persuasion entirely and throwing it away as too costly he simply picks up his weapon, points and says “Obey (pay)”.

Anyone who does this has made his intentions manifest enough for the puritanical libertarian to understand enough about the soul that is the source of such a stance for the puritanical libertarian to act. The puritanical libertarian calls on the goddess of prudence. It is she that will guide. But he is never sure that he hears her. What does she look like? What does she sound like? If proximity is gained, what does she smell like? But most importantly, what does she recommend?

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