Killing prosperity and living with predators

The state is a killer. Evidence? Jack Ma in China. The seven hundred wealthiest Americans targeted by newly unveiled Democratic Billionaire Tax.

Here’s what you do in either case, whether in America or China. You identify those individuals that others have voluntarily traded with the most, and instead of affirming the signal given by such directed trading the state rejects it and penalizes.

Let’s meditate on that again. A diversity of individuals turn in droves to do business with an innovative individual sending a loud and clear signal about the positive value that individual’s activity. The state penalizes the same individual.

The state, full of contradictions as it is, proclaims its interest in the welfare of the people it extracts parasitically its sustenance from. When those same people show the state where their welfare lies, the state seeks to destroy the possibility of further trade with that favored individual.

The state is, at its best, a negative force. There is one legitimate place for this negative force regardless of its state status. That is in the defense against aggression by invaders, attackers, aggressors, violators of rights.

Instead of even aiming at doing that well the state has taken its territorial monopoly power the most seriously (the illegitimate part of its status) and instead of protecting rights has decided to take on the role of invader, attacker, aggressor, violator of rights.

Contradictions do not exist in reality. But they can exist in appearances. The contradiction, as not real and yet appearing, can be explained without contradiction. There is no such thing as a property expropriating defense of private property. What there are are invaders, attackers, aggressors.

Take note if you have not yet. Meditate on the instability of living with invaders, attackers, aggressors.

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Anonymously interested in grasping the good life.

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