6.7, Right of Disassociation as Test for Liberty

We approach the crux of the matter. We approach the ultimate test for verification of property rights wherein lies the ultimate test for liberty and all of its fruits. The fruits? Social harmony, health, civilization, cooperation, family, wealth, virtue. How can I be so sure and so offensively brief? Out of the following: all of the above require free choice and freely chosen restraint, and freely chosen investment, and freely chosen maintenance. All else is slavery. Certainly the pendulum may swing from more to less enslaved. But where the relation of slavery is the relation expected by to whom one is in relation with none of these values will be realized. They will all be diminished, resource exhausted and conflict over the shrinking good intensified.

Let us test. Imagine finding out that the social club you had been attending had suddenly implemented a rule that you were now a member for life and dues were to be increased whenever deemed necessary.

Imagine that the employer with whom you traded your labor for other resources announced, upon your arrival at work one day, that you were from hereon employee for life. Payment would be continued but you were no longer to have the right to quit and hourly wage could be adjusted as deemed necessary.

Imagine that your husband or wife (it feels so radical to use such terms) announced that had joined the forced marriage association who would act in their defense were you to decide that divorce was preferable. In addition, defense included property confiscation and possible jailing of your body.

Imagine that you were told by a good or service provider that you must buy certain very important goods or services, that the provider would determine the price unilaterally, and that complains could only be made to the complaint department. Imagine in addition, that such a service provider enforced a territorial monopoly such that competition was impossible and so alternative providers were in principle eliminated. Imagine in addition, that the list of goods or services could itself be augmented as the service provider deemed necessary. Imagine finally and most dystopian-ly that the good or service provider took their territorial monopoly so seriously as to post agencies for the prevention of competition.

Maybe the greatest part of such a tragedy is that its existence depends primarily on public sanction. Without free support through purchases the very provision of goods and services would be impossible. The state apparatus would be rejected by even the great majority who disagree with each other once it sought to maintain its status by whips and chains. But as it is now the individual corporation or citizen is isolated, charged, penalized when found to be operating independently. The state is able to maintain the most superficial and think veneer of choice and optionality all the while increasingly offering servitude and dependency through increased theft (taxation) and fraud (debt).

The last attempt at secession was crushed by 1865 in the US. Secession is like divorce is like the abstention from evil is like the abstention from sugar is like the abstention from whites (or whomever) is like boycott of the big bad corporation. Each involves disassociation. There is no such thing as a property right where there is not a right to control and the right to control must include both the right to associate and the right to disassociate.

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