7.2, Szaz, Values, Disorders and the Growth of the Therapeutic State

(Pg. 96) “Applied to behavior, especially sexual behavior, the disease label combines a description with a covert value judgment…Psychiatrists diagnose the person who eats too much as suffering from ‘bulimia’ and the person who eats to little as suffering from ‘anorexia nervosa’. Similarly, the person who has too much sex suffers from ‘sex addiction,’ while the person who shows too little interest in sex suffers from ‘sexual aversion disorders.’ Yet psychiatrists do not consider celibacy a form of mental illness; celibate persons are not said to suffer from ‘anerotica nervosa.’ “

(Pg. 156) “In 1950, funding for the National Institute of Mental Health was less than $1 million; ten years later, it was $87 million; by 1992, it reached $1 billion.” (Update: the NIMH budget for 2020 stood at $1.63 billion).

The morals of some are used to designate in official diagnostic manuals (DSM-5) the activities of some as disorders. The coerced funds are employed to strengthen the facade of legitimacy of the discovery of a diagnosable condition that is suffered from.

The vast majority of the disorders are discovered through dialogue with the sufferer (self-reports).

The puritanical libertarian is all for free trade in chemicals that some want to take to suppress this or that unwanted conscious state. In addition, the puritanical libertarian is all for free advertising by which some snake-oil salesmen can peddle their claims to the elimination of this or that unwanted conscious state.

What the puritanical libertarian is not a big fan of is the coercive taking from some in order to support the research endeavors of others that promote the sale of snake-oil. This is insanity. That I am not permitted to live my life without supporting the promotion of this or that form of advertising is nuts. That I must hand over some portion of my income some of which is siphoned off to those who, one, claim that too much or too little sex or food voluntarily chosen is a disorder, and two, that they know how to fix it, is a clear sign of where we are right now.

There is nothing new under the sun. Indeed. It has always been and likely will continue to be laughable that we survive so well in spite of ourselves.

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