7.1, Szaz, On resisting the therapeutic state

From The Medicalization of Everyday Life (2007)

“The leading cause of death is being alive. The therapeutic state swallows all life on the seemingly rational ground that nothing falls outside the province of health and medicine, just as the theological state had swallowed up everything human on the ground that nothing falls outside the province of God and religion.”

Have you heard of the relatively new major at universities called “Public Health”? It is now often the track taken toward the lucrative medical degrees that lessens the amount of science necessary and increases the amount of indoctrination in coercion to achieve health. Attractive no? Pursue wealth, avoid difficult classes. All that has to be done is to sit through hours, weeks and months of “continue to modify everything (including property rights) in social experimentation until everyone is happy.”

The therapeutic state is coming for you.

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