5.11, Living in Comfortable Oppression

Oppression comes in degrees or amounts. One finds oneself involuntarily committed to one degree or another. That the human animal revolts at involuntary commitment is not even worth evidence. The beneficiaries of course do not revolt. They grovel.

In the recently prior posts we have looked at a few considerations about the relationship between development, satisfaction, charity and liberty. But a question emerges: “So, puritanical libertarian, I find myself living in an environment in which other human animals use their power to threaten or enforce their wills on me. How should I respond? How should I meet them?”

Another question might be prior to that one. “So, puritanical libertarian, you write as if things are awful. But they aren’t so bad. I look around and things continue pretty well for many of us and better than they ever have been for most if we extend our time horizon to include human existence prior to the neolithic revolution. Maybe you are overdoing it a bit.”

I will address both questions in the following posts. Why it is worth recollecting oppression even when things are comfortable. And, even more importantly for those of us willing to concede the fact of a comfortable oppression, how to respond, how to live. Both questions are worth examination.

And to wet the appetite: how long is the necessary mistake of coercive control able to manipulate the conditions with that control in order maintain comfortability? The significant growth in technological innovation over the twentieth century should have been deflationary. But, witness… How long do the distortions to prices (say for labor or satisfaction) caused by forced price adjustments imposed by coercive control permit the minimal comfortability that allows for a relative diminishment of concern about coercive control?

If the oppression is not so bad as to lead to the extreme discomfort of revolution (and from the little bits of history I have read this is not a moment anyone in his right mind wants to live through) what is the response? What are the guiding values for the life in comfortable oppression? This latter question is for the most part easy to answer in theory proportionally difficult to answer in practice.

The puritanical libertarian wishes each a good day (but don’t assume you know what I mean by good). I wish you get what you ask for. But if we puritanical libertarians know the folly of asking for the profit from coercion and force. Its longterm fruits are poisonous for souls and bodies. I wish you the wise use of this time. It passes but once. The puritanical libertarian, now past the age of the average male in a comfortably oppressive regime, is counting more now than he did in his youth. The time is precious. You are precious. Use what liberty is still yours, and there is the most of it in your thoughts and aims and willing of those thoughts and aims, well. It is also precious.

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