4.17, Proof of the Value of Self-Development

The proof is unnecessary. Yet, so much of what is unnecessary to he who sees clearly is necessary for he who is foggy or less clear.

Premise 1: Either the world inhabited is prosperous or not (in trouble).

Premise 2: If in a time of prosperity, then any prosperity that is offered will be better preserved by he who is developed.

Premise 3: If in a time of trouble, then the trouble will be better endured by he who is developed.

Conclusion: Under any circumstances development is worth going in for. It is better to be developed.

The proof is unnecessary since in the very term “development” is “better” and so “to be chosen”. The value of proof is that it expands and fills time. Proof takes what is packed and condensed and elaborates and makes a matter of steps.

The great tragedy is that the way things appear is largely a matter of the character of he to whom things appear. This goes for the Puritanical Libertarian as much as for anyone else.

Those aesthetes who have taken other-worldliness to a kind of extreme have often recommended repetition. First, find what is best. Then, repeat. The ultimate is to repeat in reality. To be. This often starts with repeating as a much more minor act. Repeat in mind. Repeat in word. This has a way of filling soul attention and aiding in the maintenance of direction. It pays dividends under the unpredictable occasion of temptation to ignore development.

So, the Puritanical Libertarian uses the above proof to remind himself of the all-pervasive value of pursuing calm of soul and aiming for rightness of action. The care and maintenance of soul property is analogously transferred to material property. He who can abstain from spending his energy on escape from hard work will more often work hard. He who can abstain from spending his time on screens can avoid spending his money which increases savings. He who can keep his promises to himself to abstain from this or that can keep his promises to his wife, friend, employer, customer. He who can sit still and calmly in great desire or fear can sit still in the stock market. He who can live without notoriety can better protect his earthly accumulation from the bandit whether he be government or not.

If that which is out of control of soul changes, and whether it changes for the better or worse, it will be dealt with better by he who is developed than by he who is not. So, develop. Moral virtue for right feeling. Intellectual virtue for right seeing. Justice and righteousness for right action. There is nothing better.

The undeveloped in good times cheats and ruins social relations, spends profligately and throws away that which could have been saved, makes promises or alliances that are disadvantageous.

The undeveloped in bad times makes things worse. When to fight, when to flee, what means to use to preserve life and what means are to be avoided though the vicious surround. All of this is misjudged by the undeveloped. The more the undevelopment spreads the more the aggregation of viciousness increases.

As “we” work determinedly toward universal everything and the unfairness of anyone not having what someone else has you will notice that there are never demands for the transfer or equality of virtue or righteousness. This is because the latter cannot be so distributed by the demands of the mob. But, the more the coercive takers advertise the value of taking by force what can be taken by force (gold, food, shelter, coercive power), and the more the undeveloped ignore their undevelopment and increase their dependence on coercion for the feel good of life, the greater the ensuing catastrophe that looms.

Coercion is ALWAYS the worse way to deal with he who is otherwise engaged in free trade and production. It amounts to theft and assault. That more and more are dependent for survival on some coercing others (I cannot say flourishing since flourishing is impossible when rooted in theft and assault) the greater the demand for coercion and the smaller the production made available for coercive distribution shrinks. The Puritanical Libertarian is trying to say that virtue and righteousness are best for such a time as much as they are best for a time of prosperity.

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