4, A Series Begins

Here at Puritanical Libertarianism we find ourselves in the awkward position of mostly talking to ourselves. The Puritanical Libertarian writes to remind himself. The reminding is necessary because the distractions are many. Reminding is a form of repetition. And repetition is the temporal being’s way of getting at reality. That which is most regular is most real! What is most real in my soul? In yours?

So, here we go. The Puritanical Libertarian demands encouragement, clarification, inspiration, challenge. And he is thankful to himself for giving it to him. He is careful about the sources of such expression that calls itself encouragement, clarification, inspiration. Much that goes by that name is from the evil one. It is at best distraction.

In the title of this pitiful effort at encouragement, clarification, inspiration, challenge are two terms not often associated–purity and liberty. Yet it is our fundamentalist commitment that they approach equivalence. In the depths of their meaning is the same reality. Thus the symbol that we march by: the rays of the sun (purity) and the gust of the wind (liberty).

What is needed for deep liberty and purity? Production. What is needed for production? Property, ownership, responsibility, power.

The time is short dear reader.

The threats are many.

The distractions are many.

Let us focus, be single-minded, produce (or let us at least move in that direction!). What follows for the next weeks is a series of posts on production. I invite me first, and you second, and anyone else you think is moving in the direction of taking production seriously to tune in, chew on the expression, criticize it where it fails, add to it where it fall short.

Otherwise we, Puritanical Libertarians, meet in the church of good will where, hidden and concealed though we are, men take ownership for their bodies, what they do with them and respect non-aggression while strategically avoiding aggression as much as possible.

We, dispersed across the world, enduring initiated aggression and invited often to dependency upon aggressors, join in invisible community, and are strengthened by each other.

Come one, come all. We are open to any and all who wish to secure their own and live without aggression.

Next, 4.1, On the Necessity of Production, 12/8/20.

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Anonymously interested in grasping the good life.

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