3.6, Preference and action

We are looking at the apriori elements of action. So far we have examined ends, means, and value. We still have preference, choice, time, cost, loss, profit. Today, preference.

Preference is the element necessary because of the bountiful insecurity of ends and means. Let us note the bounty. Even he who is homeless may pursue many ends. Each of them with value. That value must be combined with a valuing of available means. Each way of pursuing an end has costs, and those costs are relative to expected profit. All of this must be determined from the subjective position of he who is acting.

Preference is the agent’s favoring of some values over others in the matters of ends over means. I have often wondered why I do not do this or that, pursue this or that–the only way to understand why (to rationalize my activity into action) is to understand me as preferring certain ends and the employment of available means in one way rather than another. This kind of personal reflection is terrifying. I leave it for now.

What we note is that amidst the bounty of ends and means and values the agent prefers some over others which gives those values shape. Ever act performed involves the reduction of the manifold of possibility to singularity of action. What begins to make this possible for the agent is the preferences that the agent makes for ends and certain means.

Onward to choice. The terror (because the insecurity…but I too quickly leave the apriori and embody the choice in flesh and blood).

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