3.4.5, Means as Supply, and Capital Formation

We equated, in a prior post, ends with demand. Means we equate with supply. This post is going to be practical in nature. In that sense I depart from the apriori nature of the inquiry. But, there is something approaching necessity in the following considerations.

There was a time when communities were limited to what historical scientists (discoverers about the past, not predictors of the future) think was around 50. This is the hunter-gatherer period of human history which existed for much longer than our current period. The Neolithic Revolution, which took place roughly 10,000 years ago, was a moment characterizable by the way in which production was unlocked. Two key productive changes in relation to nature–agriculture and domestication of animals. In these two events humans began to treat the means to the demand for satisfaction as an expandable supply. Savings became possible.

The hunter-gatherer acts no doubt. But the action is determined by a natural production and is limited to its changes. The supply is restricted greatly. Scarcity was almost wholly determined by the metaphorical willingness of nature to produce this or that naturally occurring good. Plant fruit had to be acquired, but its acquisition had to be awaited until natural production was completed. Animals had to be acquired, but the rate at which new stock was available was limited to the natural reproductive capacity of the animal modified by the pressure put on the animal by human pursuit.

Then what has come to be known as the Neolithic Revolution. Production of food was unlocked such that excess was possible. The human population expanded greatly. Another thing happened. There was need for stationary place. Property became worth defending. Savings was made possible. Again, property became worth defending.

Supply is that which is available for the satisfaction of demand. The means are supply. Supply is variable and relative to the conditions of production. It is still little appreciated how the next great event, the Industrial Revolution, alterted supply. In fact “we” are so dizzied by the excess produced that “we” have begun to treat supply as if it is given and easy. When “we” will see the fruit of this grave error I do not know.

We are already experiencing the fruit of the error. But we do not all see the error. The conditions of production determine supply. Supply determines the reaching of demand and its satisfaction. So “high” are government on the excess production made possible by the Industrial Revolution that they are acting as if initiated aggression, as long as not to severe, is legitimate.

We see, in some countries, how initiated aggression hampers production. The human spirit is such that it will strive, despite the initiated aggression, to do what it can. But it is only an approximation of what it could do were the conditions better. The best conditions are the absolute property rights to body, unused and unowned nature to he who puts it to use, and rights established through production and trade.

My recommendation to he living now? Know that we are living in a time of dizzying excess compared to the rest of human history. If that excess continues to be misused by he who has monopolistic power over its use (government) it will be diminished. Because governments are giving it out as if its production is irrelevant, they are incentivizing many to expect it. When the time comes it will be interesting whether the governments can resist furthering their confiscation of property to satisfy the growing unsatisfied demand that is the direct result of their altering the conditions of production through initiated aggression.

What does the person do now that wants to prepare? Save. The conditions are such that contract trading labor for money is not hard to come by. What is hard for the individual is that his demand exceeds what the employer offers. This is partly because the government has already increased its “aid” to compete so readily with voluntary trade labor contract.

If you procure regular labor traded for goods. Your next and most important step is to act within the contract established. But this is given. Show up on time, and stay focused in work. Then, SAVE. Live on less than you make. Let SUPPLY exceed DEMAND. I implore you to form CAPITAL.

There is so much to consider, and I am no sage. I implore you though to know where you are, the time you live in, and the possibilities relative to capital formation. Most of us will never make the millions a year that some do. But remember how volatile the membership in that class is. MANY OF US CAN MAKE ENOUGH TO LIVE SUCH THAT DEMAND IS LESS THAN SUPPLY. That is up to you. That is up to me. SAVE.

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