3.2.2, An Incomplete Set of Elements of Action

What does action presuppose? It presupposes all that change presupposes…and more! What categorical elements are always present? Isn’t it interesting, and it is Kant who made this most understandable to me, that arithmetic and geometry involve action.

In arithmetic I have the element of unit. It is so bare, so minimal. What must be added? Actions: combination (addition), separation (subtraction), and sameness/identicalness (equality). From there we are off to the stars!

Note how much is undetermined. The world of specifiable units, whether apples, or fruits, or foods, or goods–you decide! But oh how fixed and restrained the activity. There are all kinds of things that can’t be done and are not worth doing. And it starts from the appreciation of “unit”.

Euclid’s Elements has been described as the most important textbook ever written. All I want to do is meditate on the power of the axiomatic system, the way in which the arrival at systematic and fixed principles can produce thousands of years of insight.

If your hope is building that the same is happening here I want to wet the appetite AND put water on the fire. I want to BEGIN the expression and meditation on the possibility of apriori in action, and I am by no means the first. I am simply doing it HERE and NOW.

What does action presuppose?

Like change, action presupposes TIME and SPACE.

In addition and to remove action from mere change action presupposes ENDS, MEANS, SCARCITY, EXCHANGE (trade), COST (price), VALUE, PREFERENCE, CHOICE, and either PROFIT or LOSS. My plan is to give each of these some time and space. I want to rest on each as well as I can. Human action is rich with presupposition. What we have are a set of elements which can always be brought to bear in understanding action.

I do not need to turn to the empirical studies for such insight. I merely need to turn and attend here. The bet that there are more of me is easy. The same way I understand my action I understand yours. Else the waves moving the sand. But it cannot be argued for arguing is a human activity.

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