Taxation and Inflation

I am reading Doug Casey right now. I am reading him under the following bet-he soundly understands deep economic reality. He underestimated time and place and the complexity of cause and effect. His Crisis Investing was a huge hit in 1980. He was sure depression was around the corner. And, he was wrong. But there are at least two possibilities for his being wrong. First, the fundamental economic analysis of the use of force by the beast that is government is wrong. Second, he under-estimated how well that beast could hide its own beastly activity and keep the facade of legitimacy going. You got me. I am reading him under the second bet.

My sense is that the fundamental trajectory of the United States (and any other nations that behave like the United States (and there are indeed many that behave worse which is part of the reason for the prolonged facade of legitimacy)) is toward catastrophe. I am reading Doug Casey to familiarize myself with any options for attempting to shelter the particular part of the world that I inhabit, and those to whom I have promised care, from catastrophe.

From Doug Casey: “If taxation is the expropriation of wealth by force, then inflation is its expropriation by fraud”. Do you see, dear reader, the setting of your life? Framed thus, you are doing your best under a criminal enterprise that seeks its own sustenance and yours only secondarily.

Of course you may argue that taking the rightful property by force or debasing the value of money is not theft or fraud. But, few can. Must simply skip that question and begin to talk in morally dubious terms about “we” and what “we” “must do”. Ha! How we talk about what “we” may do to others. They, those with monopoly on violence, force, and coercion absolutely love that many continue to talk in this way. It is their justification. It is their support. You who speak thus do protect thieves and fraudsters.

Back to the question I began with: “What can I do to best protect those to whom I have promised care from thieves and fraudsters?” Well, back to the effort to understand one who has spent time thinking about it and published his thoughts. Indeed it is testimony to the security that the thieves and fraudsters feel that they continue to allow such publication. Freedom of speech is born of a libertarian/anarcho-capitalist mindset. It will not persist in any other environment.

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