The relation between reaping and sowing

Herbert Spencer said it in 1850. Surely its truth precedes him. But it is such a moment to come upon deep truth expressed or given shape in the humble word. From Spencer: “Those who do not know that they shall reap will not sow.”

Such is so, and it is no fault in the human animal that such is so. It is a product of our finitude and derivable from our limitedness. We see this played out in the minutest of child decisions about how to expend time or energy. There is not necessarily conscious calculation. There is hesitation at the waste of that which is valuable for life built in. So will the wealthy either “hoard” or “invest”.

And what is that which provides security in reaping thus improving the probability of sowing? Right to property. To the degree that the human animal may reap later he will take what is his and pour his analysis, decision, labor, and more into it. To the degree that someone else will reap he will refuse to sow.

And so from another angle the current model that we have all grown to some degree comfortable with, maybe that is evidence of our being beneficiaries of the coercive taking, can be problematized.

What is necessary is production. In order to have ANYTHING in excess to give there must be excess in production. Production must be protected. The guarantee that the producer may keep what he produces enhances production as much as possible. Anything else, that anyone else may keep what he does not produce, reduces production. Thus is the excess for gift, charity, aid, help diminished.

If you want to be helpful, produce and give of your production. If you want to parasitically live off of the production of others, know that to the degree it is possible the production WILL go elsewhere, and to the degree that it cannot it WILL diminish.

These are iron laws. The modern state ignores them at its own peril. But not all states are alike. Go look at the Heritage Foundation’s Liberty Index, and you will see that there is a correlation between liberty and production. Period.

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