Hoppe on the relative value of monarchy and democracy

The monarchical state is such that the ruler is a property owner. So, he is motivated by the preservation of the property such that it will be valuable as inheritance to his progeny. Not so the democratic state.

The democratic state is such that the rule is but a renter who will be evicted in a short time. This drastically changes the motivational structure for the democratic ruler. Given that he has use, just like the monarch, but he knows his use will be very short, he is tempted to use up in a way that the monarch is not.

Both the monarchy and the democratic state are to be challenged by their status as territorial monopolies over decision-making. But they are not thereby the same. Both live parasitically off of the confiscation of the private production of the non-rulers.

But, with the monarchy a healthy suspicion of the state is maintained. One can identify it clearly. In a democracy the majority is treated as the state. The distinction between ruled and ruler is blurred.

In a monarchy the looting of productivity is fairly fixed and tends at least to receive counter-balance by the private property protection motivation. In a democracy the looting of productivity is opened to whomever can make it. Society is much more pervasively politicized and the motivation to join in the looting much more widespread.

There are no easy answers. Anarcho-capitalism, association through contract and respect of private property, is an ideal to be pursued. There is no “solution” that will prevent the powerful from aiming at territorial monopoly over decision-making. The main point here in the revisionary re-evaluation of “progress” from monarchy to democracy is to invite the consideration that things may have only gotten worse not better.

And finally, we would want to separate what has clearly gotten better and acknowledge IT while denying the causal relation of democratic institutions. What has clearly gotten better is the life-span and earthly security of the average human. This has been the result of–oh let’s just be quick about it, the Industrial Revolution.

But do note that the Industrial Revolution began in a monarchy. And, Napoleon was the product of the overthrow of monarchy. Sheesh. My head swims.

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