On forced production and forced sale.

Imagine a firm that demanded from you a percentage of your income with threat that both that same percentage plus extra would be extracted in the form of fines or jail time if you failed to go along with the first.

Imagine you asked what the reason was for this act of aggression and you were told that products would be provided.

Imagine you asked to see a breakdown of the cost of the products produced, the quality of those products. First you would be told that the list of products is indeterminate. The firm may add to or subtract from the list at its discretion. On top of that the cost of production was itself variable and augmentable at the discretion of the firm.

Imagine asking what recourse you would have to excessive cost or inferior quality of products on offer. You would be told that the firm would allow you to bring your case within their dispute arbitration center with their employees deciding whether the case was worthy.

A bit exasperated you summarize: “Ok, you are demanding from me a fixed amount augmentable at your discretion, to provide goods to me the cost and quality of which are augmentable at your discretion, the list of goods itself being indeterminate. May at least see what is on the list right now?

Security services. “You want me to trust you with security!?”

Rule provision. “You want me to trust you with the rules and penalties?”

Dispute arbitration…

Charity provision. “Charity?”

The regulation of the prices used in production and trade.

The value of the currency by which trade can move beyond barter.

The standards and licenses used to certify anyone to do almost anything.

“All I want is to go check the prices with another firm. Sigh.”

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