On tolerance for monopoly

It is one of the mysteries that those who rail against monopolies call on a monopoly for defense against monopoly and rarely if ever acknowledge the impossibility of their railing.

From when we are wee little lads we are trained, indoctrinated to be wary of the robber baron, the capitalist, the entrepreneur, the business man. He is portrayed as a monster and as someone whose motivation is greed which when combined with power results in all manner of evil.

All the while, any example of monopoly in the private sphere is an example of an individual or firm under the conditions of competition. He can only supply demand where he does it at higher quality and/or cheaper cost than any other firm who wishes to offer the same product. If something approaching monopoly develops under these conditions it does so as a measure of success.

But there is another firm which is often appealed to when fleeing the evil of the capitalist that is itself monopolistic. The firm I speak of goes by the name government. That such a firm has owned the great mystical relation of rational activity which would be the ultimate government of anything by anyone is a great misfortune.

Here is a firm that has territorial dominance and does not allow any other firm to compete with it for the products it provides. Here is a firm that does not supply demand in voluntary contract or trade. In fact anything it produces it produces by aggression. The prices it charges are not by consent. The buying of its products are not by consent.

What is it those who fear monopoly fear so much of? That such a firm will lack incentive to maintain low costs or good quality or both? That such a firm will face temptations that one might moralize as greedy? That such a firm will find it easier than in a competitive market to misuse or abuse power?

Such a firm can decide to enter any market and produce any good and create law that demands its purchase and rule against any forced buyer who complains in court.

Why is it that so many come of age worried about the businessman? Oh, right. The same above mentioned territorial monopoly called government also controls what is commonly called education. Fancy that.

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