On mystics and seers

From von Mises in A Treatise on Economics: Human Action:

“It is useless to argue with mystics and seers.”

Some are able, succinctly, to say much. The density of an expression is correlated with its weight. This judgment is jam packed. It speaks to the relation between science and religion, between the poet and prophet and he who provides evidence.

Be careful before you assume too much about what I mean. I do not mean to disparage religion, poetry, mysticism or the prophetic. I do mean to take seriously the relation of those categories to the practice of action and argumentation. And I would want, when any of the members of such categories act, such as the action of speaking, to note the difficulty found in acting without evidence and acting or speaking without evidence and speaking. And I would want to invite them to consider that they may have to drop their membership in one of the others in order to join the category of argumentation.

Who do I respect in my own life who is deeply religious, poetic, and mystical? The sages Buddha, Lao Tzu, Socrates, Jesus. Kierkegaard, Pascal. Melville, Hawthorne. I love to spend time in the religious, the poetic the mystical. And I provide you with no evidence that these men are worth it.

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