Life, change, imperfection

There is nothing else to speak of. Speaking comes in time and is only possible through changing sounds that embody thoughts. There is no though that we know of that is a singularity. The basic thought requires a determinations of an object which requires the differentiation between determined and determination. Note that a determiner (actor) also seems to be ineliminable.

Read that paragraph as much as repeatedly as necessary. What follows is the ultimate unintelligibility of speaking about divine perfection. Perfection cannot change. Else it would be less perfect. There is NOT different perfections. Perfection is unchangeable. Since this paragraph is heading in the direction of gibberish or mysticism or poetry I will move on (change).

Life down here, imperfection, is changing. What is beyond? Eternal perfection or nothing. What is the difference? It cannot be articulated. What is the difference between the atheist and the theist? Both attempt to articulate the inarticulable. Atheist says “nothing”. Says nothing? I wax poetic for surely something was said. Theist says “perfection”. Says perfection? I wax poetic.

What are the conditions down here? Limit, finitude, change. What must I do down here? Bet on how the limitations will change? This must involve my ends, the means at my disposal, my choice between them according to the expected costs and benefits of either.

Onward. Religion? I love you. But it is way past time for humble pie. But what does the Puritanical Libertarian mean? If religious individuals want to only associate with themselves, only trade with themselves, only educate with themselves they are free to do so. So for the gays, the blacks, the Jews, the Asians, the heterosexuals. What may none of them do? Initiate aggression.

Published by Purilib

Anonymously interested in grasping the good life.

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