Homesteading and ownership

There is only one way to understand the initiation of ownership and private property. Their are conditions

That which is homesteaded must be, just prior, unowned.

Nothing which is already owned may be homesteaded.

That which is homesteaded must be put to use. This is meant to prevent ownership be declaration. “I hereby own all unowned space”. No.

Other options?

Everyone owns everything. Ok, good luck getting permission for use for anything.

Anyone can take anything regardless of ownership rights. Ok, we have the justification of theft. You can take that route if you like. I will not.

A special group with monopoly power can take what it wants and demand rent for getting to hold things temporarily. This is the current situation. The special group is government. The demanded rent is taxation and monetary debasement. Property tax. Inheritance tax. Sales tax. Income tax.

Oh, wait! I forgot the other option! This one is most popular right now with my students. Everyone plays really nice and to each what satisfies his needs and from each what he can produce. Everyone plays nice. Sharing. Hugs. Smiles. Hold on. We tried this before? Look back at the death toll of Communism in the 20th c. to see what that was really like.

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