The Apriori of Action

End, means, choice, preference, values, costs, benefits, loss, profit.

Every actor prefers the future aimed at over the present aimed from. The difference between the two is profit.

Every action is done for an end.

Every action is done by a means.

Every end and every means must be chosen.

Every choice involves both an affirmation (this!) and a negation (not that!).

Every action has costs (primarily in the energy required).

Every action includes the expectation that the costs are worth it (less than the benefits).

How did we ever understand anything else about action? How did we ever let others own the discourse. What fundamentally is presupposed by action? Private property. You who act have EITHER gotten permission from he who has rights over that body and its energy OR you have those rights. Else, you are a trespasser, a fraudster, a thief, a slave master. How did it ever become more complicated than that?

Published by Purilib

Anonymously interested in grasping the good life.

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