On Action and Speculation

Actions is always speculation.

Action is always directed at the future which is unknown. Thus, the actor speculates. There is no escape.


Accept risk and your response to it (anxiety).

Avoid avoiding risk and your desired outcome (aovidance of anxiety).

Avoid chemicals that suppress anxiety. They are suppressing that which is a part of action.

Avoid the prophet who claims to see the future. If he is human he is lying. If he is divine he cannot be understood.

Take seriously the Humean maxim: we ONLY have the past (history) as data from which to speculate about the future. But what do we know about the past? It’s waters are deep. It’s currents are hard to navigate. It is full of the human. The human part of history (forgetting dinosaurs and volcanoes) cannot be reduced to merely causal laws. To treat the human as the non-human is a grave mistake.

Now, speculate.

Published by Purilib

Anonymously interested in grasping the good life.

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