2.17: Warning against wrongful peace

We have noted that real peace is only possible with real purity. The effort to establish peace in the sense active in the beatitudes independent of purity is impossible. Peace is, for a time, achievable by the tyrant that threatens off with their heads for fighting. But there is no real peace there. There is only the concealing of fighting.

To cry for peace above and beyond purity is to cry for concealment and hiding and distraction from what is most important. It is to take peace in its cheapest sense as quiet or lack of observable activity. The peace must always be the product of purity and nothing else.

It is amazing how often the mistake is being taken in my wrongful interpretation of appearances. Oh rational animal! How often I mistake the animality for the most important part of my reality. But do not forget the rationality! It is everything in a sense. I mean no hatred of my animal part. I mean that proper love of it requires shaping, governing, measuring, figuring, assessing, weighing. This is the rational part. How thankful I am to the animal for something to measure, and how thankful I am to the rational for measuring ability. Back to the task at hand.

Woe to he who forces peace from the outside-in. Peace must be produced from the inside-out. The battle that wages in THIS soul must be quieted first. Once quieted, then I have both experience in the creation of peace and peacefulness to offer to others. For two at-war-with-selves to go to try and create peace between each other is pure fantasy. Logically it is impossible for the parts of the whole to be at peace while the parts are taken as wholes in which their own parts are at war.

Politically there must be the threat of protection of private property and readiness to defend it. I only urge that we all, me first, aim at establishment of peace in that property that is most essentially mine–soul. Then, as I work outward I aim for alliance with other peacemakers. The growing body of peace will be more attractive than anything else around. It will be so attractive that IT (peace that begins on the inside) will draw conversion.

The ads on screens are FULL of jolly good times, times of rest, times of pleasure, full of smiles which is external sign of satisfaction, full of laughter which is external sign of internal overflow of security, freedom, joy. Do not be deceived. This is not peace. This is the last momentary, temporary and fleeting effect of peace and of driven hard work within a community of peace. 99% of it is hard work in creation and maintenance of soul-peace, then the hard work in external trade an production which make possible security, rest, and silliness.

If only the ads would advertise as Camus did. Most of the life of Sisyphus is mundane hard work. There are the brief moments of walking back down the mountain toward the rock that must be re-pushed up the hill. What gives Sisyphus peace is his unwillingness to accept despair and his willingness to stay at work. That is the man who has found peace internally and it is the man I want to be in community with externally.

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