Contemporary Absurdities

Taxation and redistribution of other people’s stuff.

Regulation of voluntary choice in contract, what must or must not be spoken, written or otherwise produced.

Fiat money and fractional banking.

These are absurdities. What supports and protects practical absurdities (speculative/theoretical absurdities cannot be supported)? An analogy in suicide. It is possible practically to choose self-destruction. But it is not possible theoretically to choose self-destruction. Choice is always for that which satisfies. Thus it is for the good. Thus it is not for self-destruction. The theoretical absurdity is obvious. The practical possibility of instantiating theoretical absurdity is obvious and tragically too common. Back to taxation, redistribution, regulation, fiat money and fractional banking.

What supports such practical absurdities is public support. Were “we” to withhold such support there could be no more taxation, redistribution, regulation, fiat money or fractional banking but by an even more explicit act of tyranny than what currently supports it. But what makes it so pervasively “intuitive” to “us” that these work is that “we” play along. I put “we” in quotation because I do not know who “we” are. And even those who do not support find it difficult to extricate themselves from it without facing much trouble. The readiness to compel by outright confiscation of body (imprisonment) or property (taxation/fine) is not far from any of our minds.

Why the support? Start from suicide. Why the support for suicide by the suicidal. But my analogy with suicide presupposes the self-destructiveness of supporting taxation, redistribution, regulation, fiat money and fractional reserve banking. So, I must back up? What is self-destructive about supporting those practices depends on the wrongness of the practices themselves. What makes suicide wrong is not different from what makes murder wrong. That it is self-murder is merely an addition but not in principle different. What makes it so paradoxical is that the individual can be both murderer and supporter of murderer and victim all at the same time.

So, let’s back up. Taxation involves taking by force without the consent of the rightful property owner. It is theft. Redistribution is only the handing out of the spoils of theft to increase support for theft. Regulation of contract and production involves restricting how people may decide to interact, what they may voluntarily think best use of their time and energy, and amounts to oppression and assertion of control over other people’s property and what they may do with it. Finally, that that which serves as universally tradeable commodity such that anyone who wants anything can hold it as a store of value for anything else can itself be created out of thin air and be in fact debt is nuts. This is fiat currency. Then, that two people may be the rightful property owners of money is impossible. But this is required for fractional banking.

So, what makes the absurdity of public support for self-destruction what I claim it to be, no different from suicide? It is that “we” would all choose voluntarily to live under thugs and thieves who may take and give at will and throw around paper like it is money (a universal commodity trade-able for any other commodity). Theoretically know one should go in for this. Practically that we do comes from two sources: either we are beneficiaries of the spoils, or the threats of the thugs are as yet worse than the other threats of the thugs. That is, I would rather live under this system of spoils then resist and end up destroying the peace and stability now minimally achieved.

But that I make the last calculation neither makes anything make sense nor does it improve the status of the thugs. Do they know that this is what they do? I think they do. But, for the most part, at least from large portions of the population, they receive applause and praise. Humans are so susceptible to maintaining good position in the herd. No one wants to be ostracized. I count myself in that group. I keep my head low. I follow orders. I know what happens to those who resist.

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