Living Under Oppression

We (who am I referring to?) love the oppression narrative when we love it. We love to appeal to the sympathy of others, to point at the down trodden, to call attention to our pointing at the down trodden, to identify he who is the cause of the down trodden. We love to be the identifier, the pointer. He who has the answer. He who is at the center.

The pointer is the prophetic worker of miracles. “I have seen the mess. I have identified its cause. I have found its solution. Go!” Somehow once the dust is settled, the beaten and wounded and ravaged are photographed and sensationalized, that agitator (otherwise known here as the pointer) is gone. Where did he go?

The flight of any good (remember good is sometimes moral and other times material) that could fly has flown. A vacuum of weakness and powerlessness has been created. In the hidden places too dangerous for sensationalization victimization occurs.

Where are you pointer? What have you done? What have you catalyzed, stimulated, influenced, incentivized? What is the fruit of your work? What monster did you feed and release? It was multi-headed. Envy, despair, rage, gluttony, sloth, discontent. Shhhhh. I know the objection. Please don’t waste time. I get that you pointed at the same. But to send the same nastiness after the same nastiness just increased the nastiness.

You, pointer, have pointed. And there is much to say about the quality of your pointing. For, that you pointed both shows what you are focused on and what you are not focused on. I ignore the appearance and surface of your words. I look for signs of the hidden motive in pointing here and there and characterizing thus. I care not for your rhetorical framing except that it is data about how you frame.

You (whoever you are) do open yourself in your expression. You do show yourself. But I will do my best to judge the hidden heart and not be deceived by the surface frame you create. And you will do the same with me. And you should do the same with this post.

“What agenda does a guy have to tell people he suspects them, he is leery of their purposes, he is suspicious of their agenda? Why does he look at the pointer who directs some to the attack of others. Why doesn’t he look for the hidden pointers that are doing far worse damage? Is he not pointing at us the same as he accuses us of pointing at others?”.

No. It is not the same. There is nothing in my expression that does anything except invite to critical examination. I, by inviting doubt, invite distrust, which creates insecurity. This, I hope (I swear), will stimulate inquiry, investigation, collection of data. I aim to stimulate the weighing mind not the heated passion. But you are right, critic, if you identify me as an aimer. That I will embrace. I will never deny that I aim.

Jesus aimed at the kingdom of the god (the rule of the best). Before him Socrates aimed at Reason. Before him Buddha aimed at dharma. Lao Tzu aimed at the way. Aiming is human. I aim to ask you, pointer, he who stands at the moment of anger and envy and sloth and dissatisfaction and want and despair, and claims to know what the problem is, how to solve it, who to target, and by what means. You are right. I have mind’s eye set on you. I have questions for you. Have you time to think with me?

Published by Purilib

Anonymously interested in grasping the good life.

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