On production and virtue

Production is everything for the following conditions: incomplete, imperfect, needy, wanting, dissatisfied. There are of course interesting questions about just what needs production but that something does is necessary for those in any of the above categories.

It is typical to find individuals bickering and arguing over earthly goods. We Puritanical Libertarians think the spaces is muddled by confusion over the permissibility of initiated aggression. But we also think that in such oppression that we currently live under–taxation, monetary debasement, coerced charity, coerced third-party influence over voluntary contracts and the coerced banning or promoting of certain goods–life is best lived if virtue is aimed at first.

Virtue, the production of powers which regulate feeling and produce calmness of soul, permits either a higher probability of success during good times or a higher probability of successful endurance during oppressive times. Virtue, in other words, is hard to over-value or over-produce.

The good news? There is much. I will press several of what the Puritanical Libertarian thinks are the most important:

First, the production of virtue is solely under the control of the rational animal. The good news here is that this is an area of production which thieves cannot steal and which moths cannot destroy. Rejoice! Dear reader, take heart. The production of the most important thing is within your grasp if you (and I) will but engage and pursue the way (tao).

Second, since time is scarce, and so the rational animal is constantly faced with choice regarding the allocation of time to this or that goal check this out–virtue can never not be produced! Rejoice! Dear reader, there is no moment that you can imagine, barring unconsciousness through sleep, coma, or other destruction of the rational capacity (drugs, disease), in which virtue cannot be pursued. When can you (or I) not work on patience, endurance, temperance, justice, courage, prudence, faithfulness, mercy.

Third, virtue as far as I can tell, is infinite. I do not report this out of experience. It seems to me to be in the logic of virtue. Take patience for instance? What is its limit? Can you, as I do, feel its limitlessness, the way in which it could be cyclically ever-present and ever increased? There is only so much gold or silver on earth. I do not know the upper limit of patience and I think the safest bet to consider it unlimited in pursuit.

Fourth, following on the above point, it would seem that virtue is not scarce in the way the other earthly goods are. Its pursuit will not be the cause of wrongful conflict! Its pursuit will never result in initiated aggression (though it can very easily result in rightful defense).

So, while we Puritanical Libertarians spend much time considering production, and given our earthly status it takes a center stage in our analysis, we think it best to acknowledge regularly (unceasingly) to ourselves the importance of virtue. This is why the sages (Lao Tzu, Buddha, Socrates, Jesus) are recognized. The emphasis on soul-development has to come first!


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