Investment and savings

Only saved capital can be invested. That government cannot save without aggression is obviously true. Otherwise it would be just another firm competing. That government can invest is thereby made false.

Government can employ force and initiate aggression against those it retains non-competitive domination over. Thereby it is able to take from some and give to others. But, this act of violence does not constitute investment.

The very idea that “these” people would know better than “those” people what to do with “those” people’s savings is simply absurd. And yet it is the “reality” we live in.

Of course I assume “those” people have what they have rightfully. If they don’t they must pay reparations for their crime. But we can set that aside. The vast majority of taking from and giving to done by government has little to do with crime and much to do with non-competitive domination over, initiated aggression and rhetoric about “our” obligations.

Published by Purilib

Anonymously interested in grasping the good life.

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