Perspectives on the try-er

Says the sloth: “Relax man it’s all relative.”

Says the angry: “It’s that dude-over-there’s fault. I am not going to work hard until he fesses up and pays up.”

Says the distracted: “This screen time would be so much more fun if you would put your work down and stare with me.”

Says the glutton: “If you don’t wallow in consumption you are going to end up all starved and shriveled. Eat!”

Says the envious: “It’s not fair that you were born with this native effort. If I had that I would do what you do. But I can’t (won’t).”

Says the egalitarian: (ignoring the inequality in effort and tyrannizing results) “You greedy, dominating, demonic, inhuman, hoarding, evil, monstrous beast. We will get you and there will be rainbows and bunnys the sooner we strap your effort to our goals.

Says the intellectual seeker: “I am still contemplating (what he means is being confused by) the good and have not yet resolved on how to approach it. I have many questions for you. Will you stop and talk?”

Says the tryer (quietly and unheard by any other not interested in reputation only in harnessing his own energy and directing it usefully): Rest is for work. Work is for the good. In humility I admit not seeing the good with clarity. In urgency I act so as to gain experience and test my hypothesis about the good. Time, being the one non-renewable resource, ticks. This I know. To work.

Published by Purilib

Anonymously interested in grasping the good life.

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