Stability and relativity

Stability is either real or relative to the experience of the consciousness of the changing object. I am inclined to say everything (every thing) changes while hedging before saying that all of reality can be categorized under thinghood. So, everything changes.

The speed of the changes measured relative to the consciousness experiencing the changes makes for more or less stability. Living on fiat currency has felt stable for a little less than a century. But when one looks at the value of silver or gold or a coke for that matter one sees that all that has been stable is depreciation of the currency.

How long will it take for the causes implemented by the government to play out in what are something approaching inevitable effects. The question about the American government can’t be asked in isolation. Part of its relative stability is in comparison with the instability of much of the rest of the world.

But still, how long before the tyrannical forces of coercion and the initiation of aggression against by nature free beings leads to a breaking point. There is the disincentive to invest and produce which is created by the initiated aggression against the producer. On the other end there is the bitter frustration of the impoverished. In addition there is the built up addiction of both business and individuals to reliance on this initiated aggression which is best thought of as an addiction hard to let go of.

But where does it all end? How does it all play out? Are the parasites and those they pay off with their plunder conceivably able to do better with the loot than those who produced it would?

Living in the in-between in the downward spiral, not knowing how long it lasts is a difficult matter. Just how does one best set oneself up to weather the storm? Virtue is an easy answer. But I want, without vice, to weather the earthly instability as effectively, efficiently and foresightfully as possible. Here are some of my thoughts. They are half-baked.

Stay out of sight as much as possible. I see little reason for exposing myself or any I am in care of to the growing resentment, bitterness, envy and rage. But we are not elites. We must work. And so we must mix.

Stop spending. To the degree that it is possible to save a store of value rather than spend the store of value I am serious about saving. It is amazing what can be accomplished through belt-tightening.

Convert savings into portable stores of value. I can’t ignore this.

Seek the like-minded. Community is so important. But my particular brand of mixing high virtue with high liberty is not common. I am no revolutionary. I am no destructionist. I am no deconstructivist. I see no threat except in he who would initiate aggression against me.

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