Speaking truth non-revolutionarily

I do not speak revolutionarily. I do not say what I say in order to initiate anything accept awareness. To know where one is comes after knowing what one is. I focus on the former here. The latter is more important and much of what I say about the former depends on the latter. But, enough.

Where are you? If you have chosen to integrate yourself in community (and I mean real physical contact not mere internet-friendship) you likely find yourself in an immediate environment that recognizes the non-aggression principle. Property rights are respected. Decisions are made through discussion and persuasion. The latter is taken seriously as the only alternative to aggression.

But, the truth about where you are is punctuated or penetrated, regularly, with aggression. There is one group, and they are supported by many of the people in your broader environment, that has the right to use aggression, employs it, and threatens more significant aggression if you to not capitulate.

Just a cursory consideration: they have decided that minimally 30% of your working labor will be confiscated. And this is after they decided what the conditions are under which you are permitted to make contracts of labor. In addition, if you choose not to work, they have set up systems whereby you can qualify to have others work for you. This is in fact their situation, and they do not mind expanding it as if it had legitimacy. You may find yourself with what is now called a mental or physical handicap. They will assign you a slave (worker). You may find yourself siring a child you have no intention of protecting. They will assign your child a slave (worker). If you are a business that has made bad enough decisions or faces trouble because of this groups decisions, and they favor your preservation, they will assign you a slave (worker).

Here is the situation without belaboring the point. You find yourself in a state of oppression. It is not immediately changeable. It is not immediately eliminable. But you find yourself in it. I do not by any means call for revolution. I merely call for awareness and appreciation of where we are.

The first thing I must do is know myself. In this sense Socrates is my father. He showed the way. When Socrates, at the end of his life, offers Crito his fundamental moral principles while they discuss cheating into exhile by paying off the guard, Socrates asserts the following anarcho-capitalist position: First, keep your commitments. This is a contract principle. There is much to appreciate there. Second, do no harm. This is what has come to be known as the non-aggression principle.

It is an interesting question about what you may do in response to aggression. You may defend your life. Even the aggressors generally maintain this although they know not that the simultaneously say something like, “We may aggress, and you may defend yourself against aggression, but not against us”.

Know where you are.

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