Inheritance tax

It is quite something that “we” live under a regime that targets saving first, and then giving to our most cherished children second (or whoever stands to inherit), for extra confiscation.

To disincentivize saving (not spending and not investing but what is required for investing), savings being the foundation of having something to give as gift to anyone, is deplorable.

To disincentivize gift to those chosen by he who has saved is deplorable.

That the group with the monopoly on coercion think that they know better what to do with that which was permissibly homesteaded, produced, traded, and for them to use the mere fact of power as pretense for their taking, is psychologically justifiable (the powerful are always tempted to misuse power), but morally unjustifiable.

An inheritance tax. It is getting attention again in Britain and just happens to correspond with the government looking for more. Remember, this is money that has already been taxed. If saved after sales a sales tax was deducted. If saved after income an income tax was deducted. If saved after investment capital gains tax was deducted.

But that you, oh saver, would be complicit in the effort to pass it to the next generation. We want our cut. Why? Because we control trade. We say how much, how often, and how much we get for permitting. You don’t want to play? We have penalties for that.

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