On Division of Labor

Division of labor is as natural as labor. It is derived from what is universally true of man–he is a limited like his fellow and different from his fellow.

Because he is limited he lacks. So, he needs (demands).

Because he is different he has what his fellow lacks (supply).

Add to this that difference in spatial-temporal location means that more difference abounds.

Because he is in different space he has access to different material for production.

Because he is in different time he has different amounts of experience.

That those with specific demands and specific skills, with access to different materials and different levels of experiences find each other make contracts to divide up the work and move on is as natural as the sun rising.

The difference abounds. Why does the collectivist hate difference and scorn division. Why be eaten up by envy in the measuring of difference rather than full of gratitude for the measuring of difference.

That difference abounds means there is a better chance that what I lack will be filled by another. Division of labor. Thankful.

Published by Purilib

Anonymously interested in grasping the good life.

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