Forgetting versus denying

Forgetting and appearing often are indistinguishable on the outside. This is the problem with externals. Judging by externals leaves internals under determined. It is no accident that the sages focused so on internals. The late (compared to Buddha, Lao Tzu, Socrates) Jesus may have died in the effort to make the point so unrelentingly did he press the point with the culture in which he found himself. The rule that measures the external is simply inadequate in most cases for measuring internal development. How Jesus railed against the Pharisees and Sadducees–these the honored and worthy of their day in their communities. Socrates talks so about the healthy soul, the taming of the many-headed beast and lion inside. Buddha’s Middle Way begins with right view and intention (internals). The end of suffering is brought about be letting go (not grasping or craving). How they spoke to our cores.

Another interesting difference between internals and externals, is that you are the expert of your domain, and there is no one else who knows better. Each is an expert, to the degree that there is one, at least about actual status of internals.

Finally, for there must be an end to the beginning, maybe the most controversial, at the same time the most affirmed and the most denies–the common status of humanity. It is affirmed by those who want equality of externals and want control in order to do whatever their real goals are. It is affirmed by me only as equality of potential. We are merely animal in actuality with an increase, on average in the complexity and nuance of our feeling. But in addition there is the possibility of harnessing, willing, directing feeling. More than that there is the possibility of doing all and any of that according to a better adaptation to reality. This is the rational capacity–it is a combination of thought and will. The thought adapts in form. The will adapts in matter.

An implication of our expertise on our internals combined with our universal status as humans is that each knows better than anyone else what is going on in each other. How’s that? Yes. There is nuance that escapes each certainly. But if there is anything equal in the human, and it is clear that it is not in size, shape, color of skin, IQ, athletic ability, number of hairs on head, it is an equality in potential organization of internals. It is that each is a potential thinking free will-er.

What I want to get to, and I can hardly find my way there, is that each of us knows why there is evil in the world, why there are unresolved disagreements, why there is deceit, why there is pride, why there is envy, why there is murder, why there is theft, why there is dominance of one by another. Each of us knows. Each of us knows because the same pulsing and breathing potentially rationally animal is over here that is over there.

I will not follow the practical political implications. They have nothing to do with splitting the pie equally. I will rest though in what I take to be the implication for the approach I make to each individual I see on the screen (assuming the screen displays something real), or each individual I approach in the class, or each individual I approach in my home or on the street. I know something of what lies over there, because of my expertise over here.

Don’t be quick to move to practical implication. This a similarity of theoretical potential. What do with or about is somewhere in the messy and complex world of pride, envy, anger, despair, desperation, greed. It is not an easy world to decide what to do in. The good news is I have lots of experience…in here.

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