Coercion and lack of demand

That an activity is coerced is EVIDENCE that it is not in demand. When I say coerced I refer to initiated aggression. Were the service or good produced in demand coercion would be unnecessary.

The simplicity is part of what troubles the modern oppressed. But the simplicity is also what so immediately creates the discomfort. How could that which is in demand (voluntarily wanted or preferred) need initiated aggression for its production? Men have needs and wants, and men have abilities to satisfy those wants. In addition, there is material lying around.

That some men know better than others how those other men should satisfy their wants and impose upon them a way undemanded is, again, evidence of its disvalue.

To give voice to the spirit of the age–

“Objection! Objection sir. Some men cheat and assault and gain wealth illegitimately. The history of the world is the history of these powerful robber barons. I have seen their pictures. They are monstrous beings filled with greed and all manner of nastiness. Government may be imperfect but it is necessary for the defense of the weak against the strong.”
May I respond? The move you have made, oh objector, is sneaky. You have presupposed that there is a clean and safe line between monstrous evil and saintly defense. Let us have no more of that. Let us be honest. Where there is the power of initiating aggression it ought be resisted. That is in everybody’s interest.

I will try and reinterpret the picture you frame so innocently and cleanly. There are rational animals running around trying to satisfy wants. That we ought to assign the legitimacy of initiated aggression to any of them is what you would need to defend. You would need to insure the prevention of the robber baron and make sure that he does not get a hole of the very institution that you have sought to create for his prevention. But you cannot.

Do you not see what is most plausible? Those attracted to initiated aggression have long since made themselves comfortable in the institution you have sought for protection against initiated aggression. You have only made things worse by giving some initiated aggression and air of legitimacy.

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