Can we do better than deep reality?

What deep reality “did” was to place the cure for ignorance and incompetence naturally in relation with those illnesses. What are the means? Inconvenience, discomfort, suffering, death.

But you who claim to do better, you who proclaim that you will shelter the masses. “The masses cannot choose their doctors, teachers and cooks. We must license them.” “The masses cannot choose between treatments, what to learn or what to eat. We must choose for them.” “The masses cannot manage roads, security, food, labor, shelter. We must manage all of it.”

Objection: the masses get really fussy when you deny them sugar. Plus, the more sugar the more need for doctors. So, let’s both increase sugar consumption and doctor consumption.

Objection: actually if we just fake education and stimulate the breakdown of the family we can really increase crime which will increase demand for our services of security. So, let’s not work to hard at education, and let’s see if we can disincentivize examples of thrift and industry that children have access to. I got it! We will offer benefits to the woman without a husband, and then we will put children with individuals who are payed by coercion and so have no need of thrift and industry that might be the result of competition. We will cal it “education”.

Objection: I don’t think we should manage health. I think what we should do is portray, say, drug-makers as evil and greedy, increase regulation and taxation on them, then select drugs that will incentivize dependence. This rise in addiction will simply increase the demand for our services! Individuals will struggle to manage jobs and relationships once we offer them the drugs we allow.

Those who proclaim shelter from hardship proclaim that they have found a better way to avoid the consequences of ignorance and incompetence. But they have not. On top of the fact that the busy-bodies have not made anything appreciably better they have undeniably made things worse.

By denying individuals the experience of the consequences of their choices the busy-bodies have denies individuals experience. They have preserved ignorance and incompetence.

On top of that where the busy-bodies found experience they penalized it through taxation and regulation.

Do you know who has done well? He whose skill is taking from others by force and wasting it. He has done well. He calls himself Republican. He calls himself Democrat. He checks the licenses at restaurants. He calculates the taxes. He decides what services are allowed at the hospital, what drugs are permitted at the pharmacy. He decides whether the wording on the back of the can of soup is adequate. And a thousand other leech-like burdens he places on individuals.

So, ignorance increases. For now it has become common to do things like replicate incompetence in to the future. Have you seen out-of-wedlock birth rates in welfare states? Do you see what is happening? Incompetence is being incentivized.

What would happening if some did not protect others from bad decisions? The bad decisions would become fewer. What are the results of protecting people from their bad decisions? More bad decisions.

Oh welfare state! Look at you! How you grow. What grows? Incompetence and ignorance. What will the results be? We will see.

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Anonymously interested in grasping the good life.

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