On the unnecessariness of unemployment

From The Market for Liberty, by Morris and Linda Tannehill:

“In any society, unemployment is the product of government intervention in the market. A society free of government would have no unemployment problem. Labor, being scarcer than resources, would be in demand, and everyone who wanted a job could have one.”

There cut-to-the-chase clarity here. It is a straightforward argument for that which cause unemployment over and beyond voluntary choice. Government is that which prevents coercively. That is its nature.

The crux of the argument is the simple measurement of the supply of labor and resource. Isn’t it beyond obvious that the material for production is in greater supply than the labor that produces? Are we running out of water, of dirt, of metal, of sun, of plant, of resource? No.

Here is how I am thinking about the argument. I put in my own words in hope of understanding. There will always be more want than that which satisfies want. The result will be that productive labor will always be in demand! This precludes unemployment.

What causes unemployment? Some coercive third party that says, “You may not employ” or “You may not work” or “This resource you may not use”.

As long as there is want and resource that can be transformed by labor to satisfy want there will be demand for labor.

I am satisfied.

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