The notion of profit explained

Profit is the signal to the one investing effort and labor that his effort and labor are worth it. Remember, it is entirely possible for both parties to a trade to profit. Both can engage in labor and production and value what they get more than what they give up. This is profit.

The very idea of urging and pressing for a profitless society is the urge to make sure no one’s activities are worth it.

When losses outweigh gains it is a sign to the one who invests effort and labor that it is not worth it relatively to what is wanted. He must be willing to adapt or forego what was wanted.

To urge toward the removal of the signals which inform the laborer of whether his effort and labor is worth it is to make him blind and to deny him control over the direction of his labor and effort.

Such is not to be sought except by those who desire to be in charge of the effort and labor of others. This is the slave master. Sometimes it is the private businessman who enslaves. Other times it is the government. The private businessman can at least be out-competed. The government does not allow competition with it. This is its monopoly on force and coercion.

I urge you to be for profit in your own life and to be for a system that permits it. It is equivalent to the permitting of communication and essential for the human to live well.

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